American Steel is Helping Build Back America

A strong domestic steel industry is critical to our national security, to our infrastructure and to  the competitiveness of American industry. That’s never been more true than during the COVID 19 crisis, when American steel kept our supply chains running and ensured medical equipment  could be shipped across the nation at a rapid pace. 

An additional benefit to Section 232 measures has been to shift steel production toward  cleaner sources here in America. The steel industries in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany,  India, Japan, South Korea, and other countries all have higher CO2 emissions than the American  steel industry, which is one of the cleanest and energy-efficient industries in the entire world. American steel is well-prepared to help the U.S. and the world meet its environmental goals in  the coming years. Eliminating the 232 tariffs is would be contrary to the Administration’s  climate goals, which the President has stated are an “essential element” of U.S. national  security. Allowing imports to enter the U.S. market tariff free incentivizes unnecessary carbon “leakage,” especially when lower-emission domestic products are available from domestic producers.

America’s recovery is being fueled by American steel makers and steel workers, who are  producing steel for essential industries as we rebuild from the pandemic. Throwing open the  doors to cheap, subsidized foreign steel would put American workers–and our nation’s  security–at risk.

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